About Me

self portrait doodle

Self-portrait doodle from April 2022.

  • Aliases: "Nau" or "Britty"
  • Age: 27 y/o
  • Pronouns: they/she (demigirl? idk, gender is weird)
  • Interests + Hobbies: Cats, Tarot, Astrology, vocal synths (UTAU, Vocaloid, etc.), illustration, philosophy, crystals, occasional music writing...
  • Favorite Music Artists (in no particular order): Logic ⚹ Vektroid ⚹ Infected Mushroom ⚹ Trevor Something ⚹ The Weeknd ⚹ Travis Scott ⚹ ATOLS ⚹ KOHH ⚹ Pete & Bas ⚹ Don Toliver ⚹ Purity Ring ⚹ Squarepusher ⚹ Venetian Snares ⚹ Mr. Kitty ⚹ August Alsina ⚹ Pendulum ⚹ Daft Punk ⚹ Iglooghost ⚹ Busdriver ⚹ AVTechNO! ⚹ Modjo ⚹ Kanzai Hiro (HSP / Hiroyuki Oda)
  • Favorite Artists + Artworks (also in no particular order):
    • Fountian - Marcel Duchamp, 1917
    • Salvador Dali (specifically his surrealist works)
    • M. C. Escher
    • H. R. Giger
    • Rene Magritte
    • Picasso (specifically his Cubism)
    • Vincent van Gogh

I'm a human person before all else, and secondly I'm a student for the rest of my life. If the stats above don't give a clear explanation of how I am, then I'm not sure what else to tell you. Maybe I'm a team of 37 highly intelligent cats coordinating together in a trench coat, waiting for the perfect time to unleash the fury of ten thousand suns. World explode. Boom. Done.

If you're interested in following the content I create, or just want to keep up with whatever it is I'm doing, be sure to visit the Contact page for links to my other platforms!